Introducing GO4

Gamify Your Brand

GO4 is a revolutionary marketing platform that combines games, prizes, offers, and digital signage in a way that provides our partners unprecedented value.

The rise of Gamification & eSports

A new way to reach your audience.

"Gaming helps marketers engage new and diverse audiences.

More than two out of every three Americans play video games."

- Milind Bharvirkar Founder & CEO


  • 3.1 Billion
    Gamers worldwide
  • 46%
    of gamers are women
  • 34%
    of gamers are 18-34 years old
  • 8:27hrs/wk
    Average time spent gaming

Market Size

  • $314.4B
    Global Video Game Market by 2027
  • $27B
    Gamification industry
  • $2.4B
    eSports Market by 2024
  • 286M
    eSports Viewers by 2024
Free Prize Ads

Our prize ads are free.

GO4 doesn’t charge for impressions. Instead, GO4 only charges when a consumer plays to win their product.

Match Making

Match making is when the consumer chooses your brand over other choices.

Our prize token system encourages players to choose their favorite products.
Geolocation Promotions

Drive more traffic.

Connect with your customers and prospects - wherever, whenever, and however you want. GO4 is the first geolocated game network that uses mobile and prize kiosks to retarget your audience and increase repeat traffic.
Mobile Promotions
Arcade Kiosks
Always A Winner

Consumers always win the prize or an offer off the product they selected.

The results are amazing!!!!
Powerful Campaign Builder

Ready, set, GO4 in 25 minutes or less.

Launch a promotion in 25 minutes or less with our quick and easy campaign manager.
  • Create prizes & offers
  • Choose locations
  • Select games
  • Set a budget
  • Launch a campaign
Powerful Analytics

Results you can measure.

Our powerful analytics give you the data you need to improve future promotions.
Why GO4?

GO4 is the best value proposition in marketing

Free Digital Signage

Why? Because impressions can't be measured.

GO4 is the only company to offer free digital signage. We only charge when a qualified consumer engages with your product and brand.

Experiential Marketing

Traditional experiential marketing strategies are expensive and time consuming to implement.

We believe that GO4 is the most scalable and cost effective experiential marketing tool in the market.

Shopper Marketing

It's very difficult for brands to standout from the sea of products in malls and big box retailers.
The GO4 platform revolutionizes shopper marketing by engaging qualified consumers and increasing retail sales in brick and mortar stores.

Coupon Industry

Brands have a very difficult time distributing digital coupons to qualified consumers.

GO4 distributes your offers while consumers are in the buying mode, which results in the highest conversion rates in the industry.


Gamification promotions can be expensive and time consuming.  

GO4 takes the hard work out of gamification with a turnkey platform that handles all the details and logistics for you.

Game Advertising

In game advertising and pop ups are ineffective and a nuisance to players.

GO4 has created an effective way for brands to engage consumers, while not sacrificing a great experience that is genuine and trustworthy.

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