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Commonly Asked Questions

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What is GO4?
GO4 is the first Esports Loyalty platform that provides free-play game competitions to win prizes and deals from your favorite merchants and brands.
How does GO4 Work?
Players download GO4 from the app store and register for free to become members. Members select an Game Event that interests them and compete in the game for the listed prizes.

Events can be played daily to keep trying for the best score, and current standings can be viewed in the Leaders tab. 

Players rack up GO4 Gold loyalty points every time they compete in an Event, and points collected over time can be redeemed for merchant gift cards in the GO4 Gifts tab.

Every time a game is played, members will be rewarded with a merchant offer for great deals that can be purchased in-app, and stored in the GO4 Wallet until ready for use.

When an event is over, top players will be alerted through in-app messaging to the prizes they’ve won, which will automatically be added to their GO4 Wallet ready for the player to redeem.

The more members play in free GO4 Events, the more chances they have to win prizes and get rewarded with merchant offers and gift cards.
Where can I play GO4?
GO4 is played through the mobile app, downloadable for free on the app store.

GO4 Events can either be played from anywhere on mobile, or require check in on the mobile at a specific location.

When selecting an Event, players will be given one of two choices to enter the competition: 

1. “Play Now” events can be played from anywhere on mobile and allow members to compete instantaneously. 

2. “Check In” events require members to visit the designated merchant location and hit the Check In button on the GO4 Event screen before they can compete in the Event.  
How many events can I play a day?
Members receive (10) energy per day, which allows them to compete in up to 10 GO4 Events a day.  Once the energy is gone for the day, players can return the following day replenished with energy to keep competing.
How do I know if I won?
After the event period is over, winners will be notified via GO4 in-app messaging and through their registered email.  Players can also check the Leaders tab to confirm prize winners.
Where is my prize?
Prizes will be automatically imported into the winner’s GO4 Wallet.  Prize details and any relevant redemption instructions will be outlined in the prize description there.
How do I invite my friends to play GO4?
The Friends tab in the GO4 app makes it easy to invite others to join.  Simply click the Friends tab and find friends using their gamer tag.  If the gamer tag is unknown, simply copy the code provided into a text and send them the invitation link to download GO4 and play.
How do I pay for an offer that I want?
When members receive an offer, it can be purchased immediately in-app by following the screens to purchase.  If an offer is not purchased right away, it will be stored in the GO4 Offers tab for members to select at a later time for purchase.