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GO4 Gold to Showcase Innovative Gamification Platform at Experiential Marketing Summit 2023

GO4 Gold is excited to attend the Experiential Marketing Summit 2023 in Las Vegas, where we'll showcase our innovative event gamification platform. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of gamification in marketing and connect with potential partners who share our vision for creating engaging experiences. As a leading platform operated by Replay Esports, GO4 Gold aims to drive consumer engagement by connecting advertisers and consumers through casual esports tournaments.

Orlando, FL, May 3, 2023 — GO4 Gold, a leading event gamification platform, is excited to announce its attendance at the upcoming Experiential Marketing Summit 2023, taking place from May 9-11 at the Caesar Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The company will be showcasing two of its state-of-the-art gaming cabinets, offering attendees a hands-on experience with the latest in gamified marketing solutions.

The GO4 Gold cabinets are designed to bring the power of the event gamification experience to physical locations, expanding the reach of this innovative platform for consumers. At the summit, attendees will have the opportunity to try out the cabinets, learn about the company's innovative technology, and explore how gamified marketing can drive consumer engagement and create lasting impressions.

"We're thrilled to share our cutting-edge gaming cabinets and the GO4 Gold platform with attendees at the Experiential Marketing Summit 2023," said Milind Bharvirkar, Co-Founder and President at GO4 Gold. "This event is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of gamification in marketing and connect with potential partners who share our vision for creating engaging experiences."

Summit attendees are invited to visit the GO4 Gold booth, where they can interact with the gaming cabinets, meet the team, and discuss potential collaboration opportunities. For more information about GO4 Gold, visit

About GO4 Gold

GO4 Gold is a event gamification platform, a gamification technology company. The platform connects advertisers and consumers as sponsors and players in casual esports tournaments on mobile and smart arcade kiosks. GO4 Gold enables players to play games for free, win real prizes and offers, and collect points to redeem for gift cards. The platform aims to become the best marketing value proposition for major brands, retailers, and small businesses by becoming the largest gamification platform.

For more information, visit

What Is GO4?

Experience GO4 Gold, a free-to-play rewards platform designed for brands and advertisers seeking meaningful consumer engagement. Utilizing our turnkey gamified promotions and distribution partners, GO4 Gold creates captivating interactions with target audiences through the GO4 app—available on smart interactive kiosks, arcade cabinets, and other cutting-edge screens.

Our technology platform offers a comprehensive gamification solution, delivering branded prize-based promotions for businesses and brands. Consumers enjoy casual games for free and win sponsored prizes, while sponsors pay for each engagement. GO4 Gold is a dynamic marketing channel that enhances businesses with its social nature, boosts conversions, increases player retention, and creates authentic brand experiences.

Elevate your brand and captivate consumers through gamified engagement—join GO4 Gold today!

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