Drive More Sales

The power of gamification at the push of a button.

Savvy retailers understand that this new medium is the future,

yet many retailers don’t know how to capitalize on this opportunity. GO4 takes the guesswork and pain points out of gamified promotions.

Mobile App
Engage your audience anytime and anywhere
Arcade Network
Great for small businesses such as restaurants and sports bars
Touchscreen Kiosks
Ideal for grocery stores, big box retailers, malls, airports, theaters, and hotels
Wall Display
Interactive secondary screens work in any location
Experiential Marketing

We build strategies, create ideas, and deliver on scale.

Connect with your consumers by offering them a unique and dynamic retail experience that benefits you and your partners.
Boost your retail experience, build customer loyalty, and watch your business grow. 
Shopper Marketing

Engage consumers while they are in-store, deliver offers, and drive conversions to the moon.

With GO4, you can create marketing strategies that gain a competitive edge to boost online and retail sales.
Turnkey Promotions

We take care of everything so you can focus on other things.


Choose from an extensive catalog of games with no big upfront cost. We handle all licensing fees.


You'll have powerful tools to create a promotion in 25 mins or less.


We capture and provide voluntary user-driven data to reengage consumers and build loyalty

Rules & Regulations

We take care of all game rules and policy requirements to relieve the burden of legal costs.

Customer Service

We manage your entire campaign for you. Don't worry about customer service, its turnkey with GO4.

Prize & Point Redemptions

We take care of the entire gamification and loyalty point system so the only thing you have to worry about is shipping the prize.
Geolocation Promotions

Drive more traffic.

Connect with your customers and prospects - wherever, whenever, and however you want. GO4 is the first geolocated game network that uses mobile and prize kiosks to retarget your audience and increase repeat traffic.
Play from anywhere
Check-In Required
Check-In Required
The GO4 check-in feature can increase traffic and offer conversion rates for game promotions, but it requires consumers to be present on-site to participate.
The result is a dramatic increase in traffic and a higher offer conversion rate.
Win a Free Gaming Console
Win a Two Free Movie Tickets
Win a Free Spa Treatment
Win Free Coffee For Life
Win a Free Chicken Combo Meal
Win a Free Large Pizza
The Ecosystem

No more trade-offs.

Enable better collaboration to drive outcomes that meet your goals and objectives for all parties involved - retailers, advertisers, consumers alike!
Powerful Analytics

Results you can measure.

Our powerful analytics give you the data you need to improve future promotions.
Why GO4?

GO4 is the best value proposition in marketing

Free Digital Signage

Impressions are not measurable.

GO4 is the only company to offer free digital signage. We charge by engagements from qualified consumers.

Experiential Marketing

Traditional experiential marketing strategies are expensive and time consuming to implement.

We believe that GO4 is the most scalable and cost effective experiential marketing tool in the market.

Shopper Marketing

It's very difficult for brands to standout from the sea of products in malls and big box retailers.
The GO4 platform revolutionizes shopper marketing by engaging qualified consumers and increasing retail sales in brick and mortar stores.

Coupon Industry

Brands have a very difficult time distributing digital coupons to qualified consumers.

GO4 distributes your offers while consumers are in the buying mode, which results in the highest conversion rates in the industry.


Gamification promotions can be expensive and cost inefficient.  

GO4 takes the hard work out of gamification with a turnkey platform that handles all the details and logistics for you.

Game Advertising

Gamification promotions can be expensive and cost inefficient.  

GO4 takes the hard work out of gamification with a turnkey platform that handles all the details and logistics for you.
Private Label App

Look like a gamification pro

with your own custom gamification app powered by GO4.
Create new revenue opportunities while driving more business

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